A Data Capture Company With A Winning Formula

As a US based data processing Company, iTech strives to provide consistent quality solutions at a reasonable cost by utilizing a combination of technologies, best practices and industry proven processes.

iTech is founded and run by passionate people who believe in four central tenets and value relationships with similar minded clients:


  • It’s natural to be nervous when you outsource projects to a third party, especially off-shore. One of the biggest concerns in outsourcing is the quality of the product or service. iTech’s quality process has 5-step proven methodology to deliver consistent quality:
    • Establish Specifications/Expectations
    • Build proper team and adequate training
    • Establish processes specific to the project
    • Execute and Calibrate
    • Continuous Process/Quality Improvement
  • Quality does not happen by accident. It’s a conscious choice and quality has to be top of mind in every step of the process.


  • Outsourcing a project to an offshore partner does not need to feel like a Black box. As your partner, your service provider should give you complete visibility on how, when and where your project is at any given time.
  • iTech’s transparency policy provides the clients direct access to all technical/delivery teams, process methodology, contingency planning as well as disaster recovery process. Given iTech’s global and multi-location reach, clients are also informed of all geo-political situations, natural weather disturbances or any other situations that are likely to impact the deliverables. In such rare but unavoidable cases, iTech works together with their clients to come up with a mutually acceptable solution.


  • More than half of the outsourced projects fail due to lack of proper communication, from both sides. iTech makes sure that:
    • Clients have 24×7 access to technical/account managers
    • We do what we say, say what we are going to do!
    • Communication is the most important attribute of the relationship


  • Your outsourcing partner should be willing to own the project and take responsibility for the successful outcome of your project. As a US based company, iTech embodies accountability at its core:
    • U.S.-based accountability, local contracts and local account managers
    • A true partnership approach: We understand that we are part of your back office and our number one goal is to make you look great in front of your clients