importance of business communication

Data Capture 101: Importance Of Business Communication

If your company understands the importance of business communication it has opened the door to a hard-wired future of success. How, when, and what is the role of communication your business displays reflects who you are as a leader. It reflects who you are as an innovator. The importance of business communication helps maintain relationships […]

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what is gdpr

What Is GDPR And How Does It Impact Data Capture

Is your data capture mechanism GDPR complaint? If it isn’t, you could face fines of up to 4 percent of your global turnover. What is the GDPR? It’s the European Union’s sweeping new privacy law. The GDPR protects European citizens and residents from data misuse and abuse as well as careless data practices. It is […]

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The impact of GDPR on data capture

This is a digital world and a frightening amount of personal information is being shared online. We are talking banking information, contact lists, our IP address, documents and social media feeds. Have we as consumers ever wondered how this data is collected, stored and used? This is why in May 2018 a European privacy regulation […]

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